Please follow this simple guide for optimum results:

  • Prepare the things you will need: a pen, notepaper and space to write.

  • Although the viewing experience is optimised for any type of device, you will achieve the best results using the largest screen you have.

  • You may find headphones are useful to decrease the likelihood of distraction.
  • You can pause and re-start your module at any time and move back and forward through its contents. However, you will achieve the best experience by completing the learning in one sitting. We recommend repeated viewings of each module to help embed the learning.
  • Try to isolate yourself and remove potential distractions. Although you can access the learning from anywhere and at any time, we suggest you are comfortable and unlikely to be distracted by other people and technology.
  • Always be ready to learn. When you access our eLearning, you should do so with an open mind and a willingness to improve your skills.
  • Never assume that viewing these modules alone will be all you need to do to be better. Let them be your springboard to higher levels of learning through practise and further research.
  • Make every effort to put the things you learn into effect. Sometimes it is hard to change old habits but new learning often requires new behaviours.

Continuous Development


More are in development and scheduled to be added. Please check back regularly. Alternatively, you can set up an alert that will let you know when new content has been released.

Modules can be purchased individually or as a package.

They are of varying length and complexity. Some have a high level of required interactivity and others have been developed in the style of a master-class lecture. In each case, we have designed them to be as time-efficient as possible. They give you the information you need and no more.

One more thing to note: the content of our modules, the techniques and recommendations you will receive, have been developed by people who write bids for a living and who can demonstrate successful (i.e. winning) track records.




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