Module BV302 - Quantifying a value outcome or return on investment. Includes Linked Benefits and the Mitigation of Risk.

Features are the things about your company which are generic and which are likely to be matched by your competitors and will certainly be included in their bid. This are aspects such as experience, personnel, scope of service, locations, skills, etc. Benefits are what your customer can expect to achieve as a value as a result of these features of your organisation. Linked benefits are the knock-on effect of something you will do or them and the risk factor is how likely/unlikely it is that they will achieve the value you are promising them.

Everything you sell (whether a service or goods) is comprised of four basic building blocks or selling point types. BSP - The Basic Selling Point, KSP - The Key Selling Point, ISP - The Innovative Selling Point and USP - The Unique Selling Point. This module looks at the effectiveness of each type of selling point and gives you examples of them.